Monday, January 13, 2014

Fruit Kvass

I was looking for a new fermentation project, and found lots of intriguing recipes online.  Most intriguing were the recipes fruit kvass- especially this recipe, from Green Kitchen Stories.

I used frozen blackberries and peaches picked last summer, at Sauvie Island Farms. I added them to a fido jar, added a small scoop of sugar (to feed the ferment) and filled the jar with water. I did not use a started/culture for this batch. I sealed the jar tight, and stored it op top of my freezer in the basement, which is slightly warm. I placed a box over the jar, to block light.

Daily, I checked the jar for fermentation. When fermentation has begun, you'll see some bubbles. If you open your jar, and there is a release of pressure (aka a burp) then you've confirmed the fermentation. The burp may spray. I've heard a few horror stories about ferments exploding, so I'm considering using an airlock for future ferments. But I haven't pulled the trigger.

I tasted the drink daily. After 3 days I couldn't taste the sugar, but it didn't taste like much still. On day 4, we had a little carbonation, and a night slightly sweet, slightly acidic (zingy) taste and mouthfeel. Nailed it!

Other flavor combinations I've tried are pomegranate & orange, and cranberry $ orange. I LOVE the cranberry & orange! I used my kraut smasher to break up the cranberries. I didn't crush any other fruit before fermenting. I also tried a few batches including some whey from my kefir. I personally feel it's not necessary, though I do understand that it gets ferment going faster, sooner. I have also tried some batches with added sugar, and some without. I think the sugar in the fruit is enough to feed the ferment, and added sugar is not necessary. My personal preference is to add about 2 tablespoons of sugar per quart. I've used honey, and white table sugar.

Fermenting more than four days produced a boozier smell and taste, which I did not want. So for me, the sweet spot seems to fall around 3 or 4 days. I made a big batch (half gallon) to serve with Christmas dinner, using orange & cranberry. I fermented for 3 days, then kept it sealed in the refrigerator until I was ready to serve it. It was my favorite batch so far!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, not a professional chef, and have no professional expertise relating to this topic. Cooking and eating involves inherent risks! The author(s) of this, and any linked blogs/websites assume no responsibility, or liability for any damages you may experience as a result of the recipe, instruction, or other writings on this blog. This blog is written for entertain purposes only. 

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