Saturday, September 14, 2013


All summer, I watch my tomato plants.

First, I planted two plants purchased at the local big box home improvement store. Nothing.

So I bought and planted four more, from the local discount store. Nothing.

Suddenly, five more plants popped up from dirt given to us from a friend. Apparently, there were some seeds in there!

Now, we have  slowly ripening bounty of tomatoes. Yellow pears, orange grape 'maters, red and green striped beefsteaks, bright red round tomatoes,  purple matoes, red and yellow stripes, orange and yellow stripes, and more round red matoes.

Every few days, I go out with a bowl to pick. Or not a bowl, just a hungry belly.

I pick many that aren't quite ripe- they will ripe on the counter, in a paper bag. Pulling them a little early lets the plant focus on the green fruit. So I have read. On the Internet.

So what to do with all these tomatoes...

Make sauce (I quarter them, throw them in the food processor, and either into a sauce pan, or the slow cooker. Skin on, seeds in (probably why the flavor is so light). I cook off about 50% of the liquid, adding salt, onion, and a little garlic. I'm trying to keep the sauce pretty plain, so I can go more garlic & oregano, or maybe more cumin & garlic when I actually cook with it.

I was going to can it, but instead froze it into cubes.

 I've also dried some. I don't really "like" sun dried tomatoes very much, but this seemed like a fun idea. And I'm low on olive oil (perfect timing!), so the dried tomatoes currently reside in the freezer.

I sliced them in half (or maybe sixths, if using larger tomatoes), then squished the guts into a bowl. Some seeds are still in the halves. Is that OK? Is that some sin against all things sun dried? I have no idea, but I'm going with it.

Or, just quarter them up, and toss them into your pan (where you have already been sauteing mushrooms with bacon strips, and ground sauce). Chevre on that? Yes, please! Side of veggies, and dinner is served.

Tomato season. What's not to love?

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